We will not stray a single micrometre from the standards we set our special gauges in terms of precision and functionality. We are therefore also available to service, calibrate, update and repair your measuring equipment where required.

Servicing, repairs and calibration

The precision and functionality of special gauges is an indispensable part of efficient production.
In order to manufacture high-quality products you need be able to trust in the 100% accuracy of your measuring devices and test equipment. You can make doubly sure of the precision and reliability of your OPW measuring equipment by choosing us for the servicing and calibration of your OPW products. We are naturally also your first port of call if one of your OPW measuring devices is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Local support, regular calibration and software updates are now an established part of our service portfolio. This sets us apart from the rest of the market and represents an area of our business we intend to expand in the future.

Our service portfolio:

  1. Assistance in the solution of production measurement issues
  2. Servicing, repair and calibration of OPW products
  3. Local commissioning and start-up support
  4. Software updates (included in servicing packages)
  5. Training on how to use and care for our products
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