Pneumatic plug gauge


Non-contact measurement using pneumatic plug gauges sees a stream of air jetted into the interior profile of the workpiece. The back pressure created in the air infeed pipe depends on the distance between the jet and the workpiece and is picked up by a membrane or a pressure measurement device. Results are either compared against a reference value (back pressure method) or a reference channel (differential pressure method).
A jet plug gauge with a diameter of >8 mm has a standard measuring area of 80 ?m. Measuring springs make it possible to expand the measuring area to up to 480 ?m at smaller diameters. The values measured depend on the roughness of the surface. In the case of roughness of >1 ?m it is therefore to be checked whether or not spring- or ball-based pneumatic contact plug gauges need to be used to deliver comparable values measured using contact measurement.
Pneumatic plug gauge, nominal dimension 20 mm


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