Clutch body


Dynamic Measuring with a semi-automatic Measuring Station at the interrupted Surface of a Clutch Body

Whenever it is essential to measure dynamically most complex geometries with tolerances lower than 0.02 millimeters, OPW is the perfect address for customers and prospects. Just like in the introduced project with a variance of five work pieces as an additional challenge.

Measuring Task in Detail

  • Outer diameter in two levels with defined height dimension. The parameters are maximum probe distance and therefore the smallest part
  • The outer diameter with defined height as a pure characteristic strength to support adjustment and monitoring of the machine
  • Conus check measurement as analysis of the two pairs of probes which are arranged vertically in two levels. The conus was extremely steep-axial with narrow tolerances.
  • Concentricity of 0.02 millimeters on an INTERRUPTED SURFACE
  • Inner diameter

Workflow Description

  • Applying the work-piece in basis B onto a rotating table, over armed fixation, lining of all probes after appliance of an handle bar
  • Over armed drive via fixation at the inner diameter
  • Dynamic measuring
  • Thanks to the construction design there are only two interchange parts necessary (4 work-pieces per interchange part)


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Because of the interrupted surface plus the requested DOS measuring program this project became a real practical test for our demand in precision and for our software. We achieved the successful acceptance tests MSA 1 and 2 as well as the verification of the comparability. Our customer acknowledged us a perfect handling, an excellent repeatability and a comfortable practicability in production conditions.

With "Precision at its best" and with gains in experience we are looking forward to receiving your inquiries for similar measuring tasks.

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